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Jannik Lockl: Top 50 HealthTech CEO worldwide

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Acknowledgements in the world of technology and innovation represent outstanding achievements and an impressive impact on the industry. One such honor has been bestowed upon Dr. Jannik Lockl, CEO and co-founder of inContAlert. The U.S. magazine Technology Innovators named him one of the Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs worldwide – a recognition not only of his achievements, but also of inContAlert’s innovative technology in healthcare.

Jannik Lockl holds a Ph.D. in Business Informatics and is a serial founder. As a healthcare innovator, he and his team are changing the way incontinence patients manage their bladder. The team is developing a non-invasive and continuous sensor technology that gives patients a constant picture of their bladder filling levels. This will enable them to avoid unnecessary voiding and health-damaging bladder overdistension.

Every year, the U.S. magazine “Technology Innovators” selects the world’s top 50 CEOs in the field of healthcare technology. This ranking is a strong signal of the competence and skills of those selected.

Excerpts of the interview can be found here.